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Myths about Quebec’s anglos debunked

Hey anglo Quebecers, ever get the feeling that our minority community is unfairly painted as an enemy of the French language in this province? That despite our best efforts to learn and use the language and embrace francophone culture, those efforts go unseen – or...

We’d be in the dark without GVHS

We’re pretty sure that over the years, the Low Down has annoyed the good people of the Gatineau Valley Historical Society (GVHS). “What are we going to do?” hisses the panicked editor to the publisher, realizing there’s a two-page newshole to fill on deadline. “Call...

Soccer fields: a win for everyone

What fantastic news! The soccer field in Chelsea’s centre village may very well be saved. While nothing is signed yet, the announcement that a compromise has been reached is a huge win for the community. Kudos to Mayor Pierre Guénard and his DG for convincing the...
We got a makeover!

We got a makeover!

Nothing like a big milestone birthday to make you feel a half-century old and in need of a refresher in the looks department.  This week we bring you our fresh new look. What do you think? It’s been 20 years since we’ve done a redesign (the last one in 2004 was...

Broken records and smartphones

Admittedly, I sound like a broken record – every day at home, sometimes in this column – but when I read an article in The Guardian this month, I had the moderately hopeful feeling that the needle had jumped the scratch and moved to the next song on the disc. Here’s...

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