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Why advertise in your local paper?

Source: Totem Research; Canadians 18+, December 2022

Low Down readers choose us … and so should you!

Print & Digital Edition

9K readers each week

*The digital edition is a complete replica of our print edition. Advertisers benefit from additional digital exposure (at no extra cost) when the print ad appears in the digital copy.

The Low Down Website

 50K+ unique website visitors

We offer digital ads in multiple sizes and a branded contest page.

Email Newsletter

1500 newsletter subscribers

Three (3) newsletters sent per week with an open rate of +50% above industry standard.

Other Opportunities

Contests, live events, themed section sponsorships, advertorials and more!

For promotional inquiries contact sales@lowdownonline.com

The Classifieds

Each ad is placed in print, the e-paper and on our website.

1 week/15 words: $8
2 weeks/15 words: $14
3 weeks/15 words: $17
4 weeks/15 words: $19
1 year/15 words: $200

Add text: $0.20 cents per word/week
Add frame: $1 

Service ads – Classifieds page
Small: 1.94in by 1in: $9.50
Large: 1.94in by 1.5in: $14.25

Send your ad to: classifieds@lowdownonline.com

Our readers are your best customers

The Low Down reaches across the Gatineau Hills to readers
with the highest income levels in the region.


Local. Local. Local

The Low Down provides an unparalleled reach specifically targeting the Gatineau Hills region. No other media platform can match the level of local focus, ensuring advertisers connect directly with the community.


Community Engagement & Trust

The Low Down fosters strong community engagement and has established itself as a longstanding and trusted source of local information.


Cost-Effective Advertising Solutions

Local advertisers can optimize their budget with the Low Down, benefiting from cost-effective solutions and gaining more value compared to less targeted options.


Flexible Ad Formats

The Low Down accommodates various ad formats, giving advertisers the flexibility to choose the most suitable style for their message, whether it’s a traditional print ad or an interactive digital campaign.

Uncertain about advertising? Wondering Where To Begin?


NO WORRIES! Our dedicated in-house team is ready to assist you in crafting your advertising strategy and managing all your graphic design requirements.


Reach out to our sales team and let us guide you to the optimal advertising solution for your business.



Support feisty, independent journalism.


At the Low Down, we are passionate about delivering quality local news to Gatineau Hills residents. But passion alone cannot pay the bills.

To help meet the demands of inflation and the costs of producing fact-based local news, we have introduced new pricing options. Our goal is to meet readers where they’re at, and keep our newspaper as affordable as possible.

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