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Chelsea hits back at PILT

Chelsea hits back at PILT

Chelsea is taking its fight against the National Capital Commission all the way to the Supreme Court.  On May 6, the Federal Court of Appeal decided that the Crown corporation, which owns and operates Gatineau Park, does not owe the municipality $1.4 million in...
Appeals court face-off!

Appeals court face-off!

Chelsea is continuing its fight to recover $1.4 million from the National Capital Commission, which the municipality says it has been owed for years.  Chelsea squared off against the NCC during a hearing at the Federal Court of Appeal in Ottawa on March 5. After...

Low’s high taxes

By Steve Connolly Ever since the property tax-related Battle of Brennan’s Hill in 1895, it took 127 years for the taxes upon Low’s residents to reach the level of $2 million in 2022. In just one year Low is seeing this amount increase by a shocking 27 per cent, by...

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