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A greener way to go

A greener way to go

Environmentalism isn’t just for the living.  A growing movement within environmental activism is geared toward helping people arrange to die as they lived, with an emphasis on sustainability and care for the planet.  On April 9, En Terre Outaouais, a local...
Former Chelsea teacher still fighting Bill 21

Former Chelsea teacher still fighting Bill 21

It’s been over two years since Fatemeh Anvari was banned from her Chelsea classroom for wearing a hijab, but the former teacher still feels like she’s fighting the same, stigmatic battle.  A Quebec Appeals Court on Feb. 29 upheld the province’s controversial Bill...

Satirical essay about teachers welcome

By Paul Hetzler Kudos to Angus McLintoch for his brilliant satire (“Get real, teachers,” Dec. 13 edition). He did a masterful job illustrating the absurdity of public misconceptions about teachers. It seems appropriate to follow his playful spoof with fact-based...

CAQ building a linguistic wall around Quebec

By Carl Hagar The assault on the English-speaking population of Quebec by mean-spirited Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) operatives continues. Doubling tuition fees for foreign students coming to English universities rouses the CAQ base but harms the reputation of Quebec...

PM ignoring Bill C-13 puts Canada at risk

By Andrew Caddell An open letter to PM Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister, I am writing to express the profound concerns of the English-speaking community of Quebec about the current discussions in committee over revisions to the Official Languages Act, Bill C-13. My...

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