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Alarming healthcare situation in the Outaouais

The following is an open letter to Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé: Dear Minister, On behalf of the Outaouais caucus, and with the united support of our colleagues from the National Capital Region, we write to you with deep concern regarding the healthcare...
Region in dire need of daycare

Region in dire need of daycare

Sue Perron did everything right, but a few months ago the mother of a one-year-old still found herself desperate to secure childcare for her daughter, Maya, before her maternity leave ended.  Perron started her search for daycare months in advance. She maintained...

Paint our way out of a corner to save oaks

By Paul Hetzler It’s normal to tune out the Chicken Littles who run around squawking about the latest forest pest or disease. I mean, how many times can the sky fall, anyway? But the real danger is feeling helpless. There’s a pithy fable about a kid who rescues...

Turn individual hypocrisy into political action

By Sean Butler I am a hypocrite on at least two fronts. One is that I live on stolen land, despite my knowledge of the injustice of how the First Peoples were forcibly removed from where I now live, from the land I now “own” and make my living from farming. The second...

Stay ticked off!

By Paul Hetzler While black flies and mosquitoes may be annoying, a tick bite can change your life forever. Right now, deer ticks (Ixodes scapularis) are active, and the Outaouais is considered a “tick hotspot.” Deer ticks vector Lyme disease and other scourges, and...

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