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Hills peace and justice group giving us hope

The Editor, In response to Stephanie Turple’s “Upholding western values” (July 3 edition) and what the group Hills for Peace and Justice calls (H4P&J) “‘genocide and colonization’” (June 12 edition) As per the March 26, UN Human Rights Council’s reasonable grounds...

Would a ceasefire end fighting in Gaza?

By David Jacques I read with interest Paula Halpin’s open letter to MP Sophie Chatel “History will judge Liberals for not calling for ceasefire,” Nov. 15 edition). She expressed to Chatel her “deep shame and anger that, by not calling for an immediate ceasefire in...

Let’s give peace a better chance!

By Dr. Peter Langille Israel and Gaza are in the news this month, while wild violence continues in Sudan, Yemen, Armenia, Mali, Myanmar, Tigray, Haiti, Ukraine and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. There is also the danger of larger conflicts with geo-political...

Why I march

By Hilary Jocelyn I’ve been to many demonstrations in my life because it beats sitting at home feeling so helpless and hopeless about the state of the world. I find that marching with others, who feel the same way, is empowering, supportive and life affirming. ...

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