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Let’s call it the ‘climate inaction’ tax

By Andrew Henry Canada’s [provincial] premiers have been riling up Canadians lately about the wrong climate tax. Stirring up anger over a tax on carbon pollution, a tax whose revenue is largely rebated back to Canadians, while the cost of climate inaction rises...

We can’t afford to delay managed retreat

By Andrew Henry It’s been a long catastrophic summer, which saw many Canadians evacuated from their communities and abandoning their homes. The bill is coming due. The city of Halifax is asking Nova Scotia to pay for the managed retreat from frequently flooded areas...

Imprudent to build on a wetland, ravine

By Andrew Henry When you arrive in winter at that snowy glade on Ridge Road, you know you’ve made it to the top. It’s all downhill – not just for you, but for all the winter snow and summer rainfall that accumulates there. At the western end of that glade is the...

Complicit and Culpable

By Andrew Henry The last three have been girls, and now a boy is expected, likely a difficult arrival. If you have ever looked at a global temperature anomaly chart that indicates monthly El Niño status, what immediately pops out is that each new occurrence of the El...

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